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About Us

About Us

COTNAR is a complex wine full production cycle, which includes its own vineyards 200Ga plant primary winemaking (to which the processing of grapes and production of wine), Plant secondary winemaking (where the finished product is bottled), wine depository, a tasting room at the foot of the slope. We grow white, pink and red European grape varieties, including Muscat Ottonel, Chardonnay, Leanca, Traminer pink, Tokay variety: White Muscat, Furmint, Lipovina (Gars Level) Keykfrankosh, Blouburger, Merlot, Cabernet - Sauvignon and Saperavi others. The unique natural environment and hard work of winemakers, Hungarian traditions and experience of professionals, wine Transcarpathian create vineyards. In Transcarpathia there are mineral springs, which saturate the soil micronutrients, where our vines grow.

Primary winemaking

The factory is equipped with modern winemaking COTNAR lines, which are used for receiving and processing the grapes of European white grape varieties, for red, for Isabella varieties. Also excluded winery mechanical effect on grapes during processing. Stekateli, vacuum presses and pumps meet the highest requirements. The collected grapes are immediately supplied to the primary wine-making plant, which falls into the crusher, in which the ridges are separated from the berries. The resulting pulp is supplied under pressure, after which the grape juice (must) is placed in a special stainless steel tanks.


Due to the unique geographical location, Muzhiyevo - the warmest region of Western Ukraine. The wine-storages COTNAR optimum storage temperature of wine is achieved by automated climate systems.