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Red semisweet wine

Red semi-sweet wine - the embodiment of perfection unmatched. His exquisite taste will captivate, saturated color pleases the eye, and velvety finish gives a slight feeling of euphoria. However, very few know the mystery of the use of this type of wine. But if you know how and what to drink red semi-sweet wine, you'll get from this wonderful drink a lot more fun.

So, if you decide to treat yourself to this light alcoholic drink, remember the following:

After earning a little wine in the mouth, do not rush to swallow it immediately. The wine must be "weighed" in the language, then the taste of the drink will be revealed and will play all shades. At the same time try to determine how long the flavor is retained in the mouth. The fact is that the expensive wine will be felt in the language of more than ten seconds, while the low-quality, cheap wine in the mouth loses its taste and aroma after 3-5 seconds.
Now let's define what drinking semi-sweet red wine

Remember, this is wine - pretty whimsical drink, and because not every snack is combined well with him.
But first, let us denote with which semi-sweet red do not mix.
First of all, it is sharp and citrus sauces acetic basis. The overabundance of acid greatly distort the taste of wine. Therefore, the combination of this wine acidic products almost fatally. Also beware of overly expressive spices such as cinnamon, mint, vanilla, curry.

But what is perfectly combined semi-sweet red wine - a red meat, cheese and seafood unsharp.

For example, the Cotnari wine Merlot goes well with red fish. In addition, it slightly tart berry flavor with hints of cherries and currants wonderful harmony with mushrooms and vegetables. But the gentle, delicate taste of red semisweet wine Cotnari Rosso perfectly echoes the game. Also, fragrance garden berries this wine is perfectly combined with veal or marinated meat.

Mindful of all these rules, you will be able to fully appreciate the taste of semisweet red wine, the complexity of its flavor and all the harmony of this fine drink.

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