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Semi-sweet wine

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Wine Cotnar MUSKAT Semi-Sweet White

Muskat (sweet). Made from white muscat grapes. Wine of golden color with a strong aroma of nutmeg. Rich composition of ripe fruit and white flowers …
65 грн

Wine Cotnar ROSE Semi-Sweet Pink

ROSE COTNAR (semi-sweet) - The combination of incompatible properties here are difficult character Rose wine. The aroma of red and white wine flavor …
67 грн

Wine Cotnar TOKAI Muskat Semi-Sweet

TOKAI Muskat (semi-sweet) Tokaji wine known world, known as that recently celebrated the historic victory Slovak winemakers from areas bordering the …
18 грн

Wine Cotnar МERLOT Semi-Sweet

Wine MERLOT (semi-sweet) - a delight for connoisseurs. You may be interested in its intense color with purple gloss that gives skin guilt fine Merlot …
67 грн

Wine Monte Cote BELLA Rose semi-sweet

47 грн

Wine Monte Cote BIANKO White semi-sweet

46 грн

Wine Monte Cote ROSSO red semi-sweet

52 грн

Wine Vinia IZABELLA Pink Semi-Sweet

Wine Isabella semi-sweet pink made from grapes of Isabella. Color from red to dark red with a pronounced varietal aroma. Recommended as an aperitif …
45 грн