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White wine

Choose your flavor of Transcarpathia

White wine has become an integral part of our everyday life. They adorn the holiday table, used in cooking, and even added to cosmetic products. However, few people know that this divine drink ¬¬¬otlichno cope with the bacteria.
It turns out that if ordinary water to dilute a few drops of white wine, then an hour later it will be disinfected.
That is why the alcohol, getting into the stomach, removes waste, toxins and increases the body's resistance to viral diseases.

A few words about the medicinal properties of white wine

As you know, a little white wine and sugar. And because it quenches your thirst. With regular, but moderate use this alcoholic drink takes salt out of their sockets, and kidney stones.

As white wine has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system: a small dose of it lower cholesterol, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and heart muscle. In view of the fact that this fault is caffeic acid, it dilutes it and displays excellent sputum. Consequently, the drink is recommended for lung disease.
Moreover, even the white wine contained in certain medical preparations. This is explained by the fact that it destroys the virus in the gastrointestinal tract.

White wines of Transcarpathia - we offer only what we drink ourselves

The wines of this region are also useful, as well as tasty. They are known for harmonious taste with a perfect proportion of sweetness and acidity. Special climatic conditions of Transcarpathia that reason.
The grapes are growing on the slopes, rich in volcanic minerals. The sun's heat makes the grapes juicy and tender. And the oak casks in the ancient cellars allow wine to mature in natural conditions for it.
That only is gentle and delicate taste of "Chardonnay", produced in Transcarpathia! Or honey aroma "Riesling". A thick, sweet dessert wine "Sauternes" is not only refreshing, but also opens up the full flavor of Transcarpathian places.

Here is a wide selection of white wines of Transcarpathia

Uncorking a bottle of white wine, remember: only in moderation (100-150 ml per day), this drink shows healing properties.
Enjoy the taste, bouquet and aroma of Transcarpathian wine. But look at the bottom of a glass health, not oblivion.

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Wine Cotnar CHARDONNAY White Dry

CHARDONAY (dry white wine) Made from classic French grape variety Chardonnay. Light straw color highlights bright wine varietal aroma with a delicate …
65 грн

Wine Cotnar CHATEAU COTNAR White Dry

CHATEAU COTNAR (white powder) from grapes "Leanka." Features a light straw to golden color, harmonious, delicate and refreshing taste …
65 грн

Wine Cotnar MUSKAT Semi-Sweet White

Muskat (sweet). Made from white muscat grapes. Wine of golden color with a strong aroma of nutmeg. Rich composition of ripe fruit and white flowers …
65 грн

Wine Cotnar TOKAI Muskat Semi-Sweet

TOKAI Muskat (semi-sweet) Tokaji wine known world, known as that recently celebrated the historic victory Slovak winemakers from areas bordering the …
18 грн


TROJANDA COTNAR (aged 6 years) In most areas of own vineyards ripen wine grapes, including sweet and spicy Traminer, which has decades ago produced …
120 грн

Wine Gorobchiki RIESLING Dry White

77 грн

Wine Gorobchiki Sauvignon Blanc Dry White

85 грн

Wine Gorobchiki TRAMINER White Dry

77 грн

Wine Gorobchiki TRAMINER White Semi Dry

Distinctive golden gleams Traminer wine is made unique for Ukraine. The lush aroma of tea roses and spring offer the perfect combination of peony, …
77 грн

Wine Monte Cote BIANKO White semi-sweet

46 грн

Wine Monte Cote Secco Dry White

47 грн