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Wine Cotnar ROSE Semi-Dry Pink
Wine Cotnar ROSE Semi-Dry Pink Wine Cotnar ROSE Semi-Dry Pink

Wine Cotnar ROSE Semi-Dry Pink

Type of wine Semidry
Аромат Bright varietal aroma with a delicate bitterness
Alcohol content 9,0-12,0%
Sugar 3,0-5,0%
Capacity 0,75 l
Price: 67 грн

3 or more 65 грн
Availability: 16
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Wine ROSE COTNAR (semi-dry rose wine) - The combination of incompatible properties here are difficult character Rose wine. The aroma of red and white wine flavor create the effect of surprise and at the same time harmonious tandem. Pink wine made from red grapes Cabernet Sauvignon and Saperavi. Rose served cold, often - as an aperitif. You can offer to fish and seafood, and meat, and vegetable dishes. It will be the perfect accompaniment for a romantic event for bears strange notes of tenderness, beauty, youth, and ease associated with spring nastroyem.Vmist alcohol 9.0% -12.0%, sugar content of 3.0-5.0% by weight.

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