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Wine Cotnar TOKAI Semy-Sweet-0,375
Wine Cotnar TOKAI Semy-Sweet-0,375

Wine Cotnar TOKAI Semy-Sweet-0,375

Type of wine Red dry
Alcohol content 9,0-12,0%
Capacity 0,375 l
Price: 44 грн
Availability: 90
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TOKAI Muskat (semi-sweet) Tokaji wine known world, known as that recently celebrated the historic victory Slovak winemakers from areas bordering the Hungarian Tokaji, because they have received from the EU may also call their wine "Tokaji". And how many know that the Ukrainian Riverside, located near the Tokay region Tokaji included in the official guidebooks. Technology of wine is so unique that became known as Tokaji and original way of production.
The grapes collected late - in early October - hrozdi removed overdried, candied, with special mold which, if there still spoil the grapes. Tokai Cotnari has a beautiful golden color, bouquet and taste very thin felt Muscat and floral tones, light shade crust of freshly baked rye bread. Alcohol content 9.0% -12.0%, sugar content of 3.0-5.0% by weight.

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